Using Moss in a Woodland Decorating Scheme

The woods behind my home are filled with rich green mosses, clinging to the base of towering trees and lining the walking paths. There are a variety of textures, from soft and leafy to nubby, and colors from sage to emerald green. Here are a few ideas for bringing the beauty of moss into your woodland decorating scheme.

A few artfully arranged balls of moss in an interesting container look fabulous on the mantle or side table.

Place a few votives in candleholders in a wooden trough and tuck some moss around them.

Marry your love of vintage and woodland decor by filling milk glass vases, or other flea market finds, with moss.

With a terrarium kit you get the fun of choosing and assembling it, then get to admire it on your side table afterwards.

Planning a dinner party? Learn how to make this eye-catching moss and mushroom centerpiece at

A bucket, some moss, a candle holder and a tall candle and voila! Rustic beauty. (I would make sure to blow out the candle before the flame came too close to the moss.)

Hey, why not?


Using Pinecones in Forest Decor

Bring the woods into your forest themed decor using bits of the woods themselves. A pinecone here and there can subtly give you a sense of being in the forest.  Pinecones are so plentiful in the woods, are long lasting and come in a variety of sizes.These woodland elements might be collected while rambling down tree shaded paths on an autumn afternoon, or purchased at a craft or garden store. Creative home decorators can concoct all sorts of creative uses for pinecones... here are a few ideas.

A pinecone wreath looks lovely hanging on a wall or welcoming visitors who approach your door. Alternatively, tie a few pinecones to pretty ribbons and hang them on a window or wall.

Pinecones arranged around a grouping of pillar candles make a fetching centerpiece.

Place pinecones in glass bowl or a wicker basket for a casual table decoration.

Place a large pinecone in a small flower pot, then place it on the fireplace mantel.

Hot glue pinecones around the frame of a mirror or woodland themed artwork.


Decorating with Birds

A bluejay zooms between two trees, a slant of light catching the azure shade of its wing. From high above you hear the plaintive coo of the mourning dove. Pretty to look at, delightful to hear, birds can bring life and whimsy to a woodland decorating scheme.

Fabric Bird Patterns Look for small patterns that don't overwhelm and use them as throw pillows, valances or place mats.

Wall Art Birds have long been a favored subject of artists. Look for prints and paintings of birds or woodland scenes where birds figure prominently. Wall hangings of birds are also desirable.

Bird Wallpaper Wallpaper borders can be a good way to incorporate a bird motif in the room. If papering the walls, make sure the bird design is small and subtle so as not to overwhelm the room.

Bird Figurines Bird figurines look pretty on side tables, mantels and hall trees. They can be found in a variety of media, such as intricately carved wooden figures, delicately painted porcelain or wrought iron garden statues.

Furniture with Birds Keep your eyes open for furnishings that incorporate birds. A lamp with a bird in the pedestal,birds carved into table legs or chair backs, or birds depicted in chair upholstery are just a few possibilities.

Feathers A few colorful feathers arranged fetchingly in a vase, a plumed hat hanging from a coatrack or perhaps a pen with a plume resting on a desk can be attractive.

Decorating with Birds Nests and Bird Houses Use the bird's home as part of your woodland decorating scheme. Faux or real bird nests look fetching displayed on a mantel or coffee table, perhaps with a few imitation robin eggs inside. Birdhouses add a quaint touch, whether they're simple wooden boxes with a hole or elaborate bird mansions. Old fashioned, empty iron birdcages can add an aura of yesteryear to your room design.

Bird Feeders Attract real birds to your woodland designed home by hang a birdfeeder on a branch outside your window. Suet attracts pretty woodpeckers and other colorful birds, and hummingbird feeders are always a favorite. The key to using birds in your décor is to refrain from overdoing it. Birds everywhere overwhelm, but subtle touches here and there will add the ideal accents to your woodland décor.


Woodland Theme Artwork and Wall Hangings

In keeping with your woodland theme, artwork and wall hangings should call to mind the peace, beauty and mystery of the woods, with perhaps a bit of fantasy thrown in. Here are a few favorite artworks - use them as a jumping off point for finding works of art that reflect your own vision of the forest.

Midsummer Eve, c.1908

Midsummer Eve,...
Edward Robert...

Sol Duc Falls Cascading Through Rainforest                                      
Sol Duc Falls...Mark Karrass Buy This at

Bluebell wood at Coton Manor
Bluebell wood at...
Clive Nichols
Buy This at

Woodlands Decorating Colors

When creating your woodlands rooms, use colors inspired by the woods.

Green - Use an array of greens, from the emerald shade of a new spring leaf to the sage green of a bed of moss and on to the dark green of a pine needle.

Brown - Shades of brown like the tan of a carpet of last autumn's fallen leaves to a chocolate brown tree trunk work well in woodlands decor.

Gray - Think of rocks in a path or an oak tree trunk at dusk.

Black - Use a touch of black, calling to mind a stone just below the surface of a brook or the rich earth of the forest.

Blue - Look up, and you see a glimpse of sky between the tree tops.

These colors - green, brown, gray, black and blue - form the backbone of your woodlands decor. They blend together beautifully and can imbue the homeowner with a sense of peace.

Nevertheless, a touch of brighter color can be used here and there, just as might be found in the woods.

White, lavender - While little sunlight finds its way to the forest floor, shade loving flowers occasionally bloom, often in white or purple.

Red, yellow, orange - In autumn what was once a sea of green and neutrals becomes red, yellow and orange as the leaves change color before dropping to the ground.

Woodland Decorating Scheme

Perhaps it is because I grew up with the woods as my backyard that I feel so at home there. Nothing calms me so much as grabbing my dog and going for a long walk along woodland paths. The greenery, birds singing and the peace lift my mood each time. I wanted to bring that woodland aura into my home, but when I researched woodland decor online, I found mostly references to designing children's rooms or hunting lodges. Thus I've decided to start this blog, to share the sources and guidelines I found when implementing a woodland decorating scheme in my home.

My idea of woodland decor has nothing to do with rifles, moose heads or log homes. Think greenery, fairy tales and cozy cottages. Ferns, burbling brooks and evergreen trees. Above all, peace. These are the themes I try to bring into my home.